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About Us

Company Prolife

Onitek a name synonymous with prestige and style, is located Tangkak, Johor. It establishment in 1997 to achieve excellency and dynamism in this production.Today the advancement of technology and the impact of globalization, the art of producing Artistically Decorative Panel is changing rapidly.The modern art of Artistically Decorative Panel has become an essential ornament of our modern-home.Onitek is designed to turn everyday moments is yours to design which focus more on Bi-Fold Doors.

Product & Service

Onitek specializes in a full range of high quality aluminium products for all residential and commercial projects. Such as:-
  • aluminium sliding door,
  • Bi fold door,
  • hanging door,
  • swing door,
  • insect screen,
  • shower enclosure,
  • shoes cabinet,
  • drawer system,
  • kitchen cabinet door,
  • basin cabinet,
  • ceiling deco and
  • door frame.

Aluminium Bi-fold Doors In Johor

  • Bi-fold doors - Only a piece of door is not enough to satisfy people's requirement of bathroom door as the life quality is rapidly increasing now.Owing to a small piece of land cost a lot currently, how to design a bathroom which is elegant without wasting the space but make full use of it is the desire of everybody.

Bi-fold Doors In Johor

  • SUPER MAGNETIC DESIGN - These system still maintained used cause that advantage of this magnet absolutely we can trust. Super Magnetic design give more perfection to our bi-fold doors, easy opening/closure and launch with closer closure.
  • Bi-fold doors in Johor